Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedded Bliss

Haven't spoken to Pork Heaven for a long while, since he moved to Hawaii in fact. He and La Domina are getting hitched in a bit over a week in Charlotte, SC. I'd heard that Pork Heaven was in the duldrums a bit. That's easily explained. Anyone who's been a groom knows the causes:

1) Brides face an enormous burden of work in planning their weddings.

2) Grooms who offer to help are scolded for their suggestions and lack of understanding of the big picture.

3) Grooms who fail to offer to help are scolded for their insensitivity and laziness.

4) Grooms frustrated by this conundrum withdraw into themselves.

5) Grooms who decide to help anyway end up being scolded for mucking things up.

Pork Heaven is working through this koan, while La Domina suffers through her own Gethsemene, complicated further by a remove of 6,000 miles between her home and the site of her imminent nuptials. I emailed to see how he was doing and he is hanging in there.

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