Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey, hosers

McKenzie Funk has an article in the current Harper's entitled Cold Rush: The coming fight for the melting north. Its subject? The attempts by Canada, Russia, China, the EU, and the US to ensure control of newly available resources as the northern ice cap disappears. Funk rides along as the Canadian military runs security exercises in the rapidly thawing Northwest Passage sea lane.

Good to know that global warming is real enough for oil companies and governments to plan access to previously unavailable natural gas and oil reserves, and to plan how to profit from global devastation. The science is still in question, however, about whether global warming is real enough for us to improve car fuel efficiency standards, or to require solar panels on all buildings, or to eliminate by law plastic bags and bottles.


Greta C said...

I don't have any marketable skills either.
I see you left Norway and Denmark off your Cold Rush list - now, now, let's be fair!
Great article, though. I heart Harper's.

Swanksalot said...

If you are as lucky as me, you'll soon get some paid-off industry shill hanging around your blog posting easily refuted talking points about how global warming is a big hoax.

geoff said...

Greta--you are correct (not about your lack of marketable skills, but about my shameless omission of Denmark and Norway).

Seth--I'll take any traffic at this point, including industry shills :-)