Friday, August 31, 2007

a-way down South

We're off today for Charleston SC and Pork Heaven's wedding. It's likely a ten-hour drive from B'More, so we're leaving as soon as I'm done teaching this morning, and we'll likely stop somewhere in northern SC at a cheap hotel before hitting the road again tomorrow morning.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are tomorrow evening, and the wedding is Sunday afternoon. Cha's boss's family has kindly lent us their Charleston condominium for Saturday and Sunday evenings. I'm hoping to get a bit of free time for site-seeing and beach visiting.

Looks like our Labor Day will be spent in the car. A long drive home, y'all.


ellen cherry said...

what happened to your other post? the one about what they don't tell you in education classes? i liked that one and wanted to read it again. can you re-post it? (maybe there's a reason you took it down.)

have a nice break this weekend, you need it. we're headed in the opposite direction. to Boston, for literally 4 hours of playing, then driving back
travel safe

casey said...

Enjoy the road trip.

Been loving your school posts; looking forward to reading more when you get back.

Nyarlathotep said...

I saved some posts after editing as drafts instead of publishing--my bad.

Thanks guys! I hope I-95 is clear the whole way down.