Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get thee behind me

This delightfully silly little book is a memoir of the author's spiritual awakening. Unlike most folks who discover God later in life, Tony Bentley found Him going in through the out door. She's a modern Saul on the Hershey Highway to Damascus. She describes her own most interesting Quo vadis moment.

The Surrender purports to be a penetrating analysis of a particular form of ancient Greek Art, but it is mostly an overwrought and narcissistic meandering through the asinine. Like the subject matter of Bentley's book, I don't regret taking the plunge and reading it, but it's not something I'd try every day. It is often hilarious, but likely not intentionally. I laughed until I was pooped.

Her writing is marred by the use of too many colons. As a writer of erotic memoir, I'd say that Tony Bentley comes in a little behind.


Steven Hart said...

Judging from the accolades given to her other books, I'd say this author has bottomed out.

Nyarlathotep said...

A cheeky comment indeed!