Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The old-timers

The old-timers, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Cha works with Cab Calloway's daughter Camay Calloway Murphy regularly, and Camay mentioned that her father at one time lived in our neighborhood, but she didn't know where. I asked our neighbor Mr. Peck (pictured above, in the center) about the Calloways, and he said "oh, sure. My brother and Cab was best friends. His sister lived down a block or so on Madison." Mr. Peck says he has old 8mm reels of the neighborhood. I'd like to see them and perhaps get Mr. Peck down to the Historical Society to record some of his stories for posterity. When told of this plan Mr. Peck laughed and made a self-deprecating comment. He's a neighborhood treasure despite his opinions to the contrary.

According to the Pecks Vicki Mabrey from CNN and 60 Minutes used to live next door to our house, where Everett lives now.

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