Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UPS Can Suck It

When did UPS become DHL? They left a note on my door last Monday saying they would attempt delivery again after five Tuesday. I rushed home from work and nobody showed up. They attempted delivery Wednesday at one in the afternoon when I was at work, so I went online and paid five dollars to change the delivery to my work. They tried to deliver to my house again at noon on Thursday and left a notice saying my package would be held for pickup for five days. I tracked the number and it said the package had been returned to sender. I called UPS and they assured me the package would be rerouted to my work. They attempted delivery Friday at my school at seven pm. I called UPS again and they said they would deliver Monday. I gave specific instructions about leaving it in the office if I was unavailable and that the school would be closed after four. Nothing Monday. Nothing Tuesday. I called last night to check and they said they would deliver today guaranteed. Nothing. I came home and they had attempted to deliver it to my house at two o'clock in the afternoon while I was teaching at school. I called again this evening and blew up at some poor woman who had nothing to do with this mess. The postal service is much better than this, even when I have to go down Pennsylvania Ave to my Post Office and wait in line! Don't even get me started on Comcast...

life in the hood

came home from school today to a line of junkies and a crew slinging drugs outta one of the alleys. i don't even need to see the dealers to know what's up. i can tell because there is a lookout stationed on the corner of Whitelock and Madison and two decoy runners in the park across from my house. Bmore, baby!


We have an AirBNB guest this week who is an MD studying to be a forensic pathologist. She is doing an internship and interview this week at the medical examiner's office in Baltimore, a few blocks from my school. On Monday I got to hear about the autopsies she assisted on...the football player who died of heat stroke, the dude found in two separate bags, the gunshot victims. Monday was apparently a busy day even for Baltimore. While she told me about this stuff I cooked us a nice spaghetti dinner with veggies from the Farmer's Market. My city is a primary training ground for this kind of work.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three Amigos School begins on Monday. My classroom is mostly set up, and I'm beginning to fart around with lessons. I wish, however, that there was one more week at the beach available...