Monday, August 13, 2007

East Coast Elitist Top 10 List

The Top Ten List of things I learned in Delaware this weekend:

10. 18% of the 22% of Americans who still support Bush vacation or live in Lewes and Rehoboth.

9. Rush Limbaugh is appropriate radio for your retail business or restaurant to broadcast to its patrons.

8. People from Delaware hate Senator Joe Biden as much as I do.

7. Lewes is the oldest town in the First State. There is a cemetery in the heart of Lewes with stones dating to the 1680s.

6. There is a museum in Lewes featuring artifacts from a Dutch settlement there that was wiped out by Native Americans in the 1630s.

5. Restaurants touting awards for "Delaware's Best Sushi" should be avoided at all costs. As my friend Takanorii Ishii said of the sushi in Baltimore in comparison to his home town of Tokyo: "This sushi is not dericious."

4. Tax-free outlet shopping rules.

3. Pennsylvania drivers are the worst drivers no matter what state you're in.

2. Most Americans regard Cracker Barrel as haute cuisine.

1. The QVC Outlet is a good place to go if you want to feel thin.


casey said...

Disturbing. The Bush-supporters, that is. The tax-free shopping sounds OK.

Is the beach worth a damn? We've been wanting to go on a day (or two) trip ourselves. I grew up on the ocean, and I miss the fuck out of it.

geoff said...

Actually the beaches are quite nice for swimming and playing in the surf. If you like boogie boards or surfing you'll be out of luck unless there's a storm, but I've been to the Delaware beaches many times and have always enjoyed them. They're a bit less tacky than the Maryland beaches around Ocean City, but are rapidly becoming overdeveloped.

Of course I hear Virginia and North Carolina are better but wouldn't know from personal experience.