Friday, August 03, 2007

Last Day

Today is my last day in non-profit curriculum-writing land. I had a deadline for today but finished that project on Monday. The extra work I agreed to finish was finished on Wednesday. Why am I here? I'm 'working' a half-day to use some accrued vacation I won't get paid out for. By 'working' I mean roaming pictures on Flickr and reading news blogs.

Perhaps I should work the rest of this half-day from home.

Monday morning it's pre-employment time in the Baltimore City schools: criminal background check, fingerprinting, and urinalysis. I've never had one of those before. Hopefully everything is squeaky clean, otherwise I'll have to plead poppyseed bagel consumption.

Monday afternoon I'm back to grad school. Haven't taken a course since that French current events class last fall. Jonesing hard, too. Unfortunately I'll be taking Special Ed for the Classroom Teacher, which I've taken before, but not at the graduate level. Then I'll be taking Educational Psych, which I've also taken before, and which ranks as the single most boring class I ever took. How can you make Piaget boring? That Bob Barker-looking mofo who taugh Ed Psych at Towson managed to do so. My advisor at Notre Dame initially told me I could skip these classes after a transcript analysis, but the Dean of the Ed Dept, Sister Ima Goina Kikuress, said nobody opts out of any required courses on her watch.

No vacation for me again this year. Last week off was January 2006. Hopefully we can get away for a couple of three-day weekends before the public schools are back in session and the shit hits the fan. Even if we only get to Rehoboth Beach.

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