Wednesday, August 08, 2007


In between hundreds of pages of reading and several homework assignments:

Newt Gingrich joins other conservatives who've lately admitted the War on Terror was a sham all along. Turns out it WAS all about the oil.* [nod to Seth for the linkage]

The URL of Pembroke sent me an email deconstructing E. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession about CIA involvement in the assassination of JFK. Hunt names names, and admits his role as a pinch-hitter who would shoot the pres if others missed their target. The URL made good points: perhaps Hunt wanted to hang this baggage around Johnson's neck for political points. Perhaps Hunt felt excluded after a few decades out of the limelight. Maybe he was running a PSY-OP from beyond the grave, or possibly he wasn't quite of sound mind?

Or, as many of us conspiracy nuts have long suspected, he might have told the truth at last. Or some of the truth. I recall Gore Vidal writing a long and interesting article postulating that Hunt had written Sirhan Sirhan's diaries and Arthur Bremer's memoirs. Said essay is included in United States: Essays 1952-1992, which should be in every library in the US, public or private. Gore read Hunt's novels and found literary similarities with the ravings of the two shooters.

*To those of you who called those of us who said so unpatriotic: You can continue to SUCK IT.


casey said...

That Hunt stuff is spooky. Evidence of LBJ's extreme antipathy towards Kennedy has been documented elsewhere, but it seems so much more sinister from E. Howard's mouth.

Perhaps the reason this tape isn't getting a lot of traction in the media is because Vincent Bugliosi's massive anti-conspiracy tome is hogging the limelight.

Or maybe conspiracies are just soooo '90s.

Mind if I link to this post?

geoff said...

Not a bit. Thanks for the positive comment the other day, BTW!

The lack of media traction is not surprising to an old conspiracy theory buff. Particularly if GHWB happens to be one of Hunt's named co-conspirators.