Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Note how Senator Craig says "I am not gay, and have never been gay." He does not say "I have never had sex with a man" or "I did not have sex in a public bathroom." He says "I did nothing wrong" in the airport bathroom, instead of "I did nothing illegal."

It's terrible that Craig has to play this game, and I feel for the gay and lesbian community for living in an intolerant society which causes such conflicted feelings and complications.

But Larry Craig I have little sympathy for, because he perpetuates the culture of intolerance by moralizing about "family values" and gay marriage, while sucking anonymous cock in public restrooms. Craig likely fucked teenage boys when he was first elected to Congress during the "Bent Page" scandal twenty years ago, but managed to get away with it, and continuing to call out others over their affairs and "moral" lapses.

How did Flynt not nail this guy?

The media have been typically adolescent dealing with this. Dan Abrams, Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson were giggling school boys over it last night. They need to be beaten.

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