Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Torn between two loves

I'm trying desperately to wrap up some loose ends before all free time vanishes in a poof next Wednesday. Season 2 of Rome has just been released on DVD, and so far it lives up to the promise of season 1. Octavian and Marc Anthony are butting heads, Brutus is exiled, and Cleopatra wants recognition for her bastard baby as an heir of Caesar. Season 2 of Carnivale is even darker a few episodes in, with much alchemical and Tarot symbolism tossed around for fun.

Not sure how much reading or Netflix I'll get done once the shit hits the fan next week. I'll be taking three and sometimes four accelerated grad classes and working half-days at Booker T. Washington Middle School. Acclerated grad classes are fun. For homework last night I read 130 pages of my textbook, did two journal article synopses, and prepared a case study and a ten-minute presentation.

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