Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Staged car accident

A car accident blocking the intersection north of our house this afternoon turned out to be a staged film shoot for The Wire.

Still haven't seen Season 4 yet, because the DVD isn't out.
UPDATE: Turns out it isn't The Wire. It's a Disney movie about kids who dance in the ghetto. Also, the accident was real, but involved members of the production crew.


Silenus said...

I finally caved in and downloaded Season IV from So far it stands up to the other seasons. I think the final season has already been shot and premiers in the fall.

geoff said...

Three weeks ago The Wire had a giant production crew at the Park overnight. They were in here every two weeks over the summer.

I'll try to avoid the piracy route, but it's hard. Especially now that I'm done Deadwood.

Silenus said...

I'm looking forward to watching Noe's most recent short film when I get home. Might have to stop by Toys in Babeland first and get a ball gag.

geoff said...

A Noe short film? Jesus. Can't imagine the subject matter.