Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bourne again

Not sure why I like the Bourne films. Typically such flix are not my cup of tea, but somehow these satisfy.

The Bourne Ultimatum is the least interesting of the three, but it's still great fun. The plot? Fight scene, car chase, fight scene, foot chase, fight scene, car chase, motorcycle chase, rooftop chase, fight scene, car chase, foot chase, fight scene, brief expository sequence with backstory, fight scene, car chase, unsubtle Abu Ghraib/rendition/waterboarding references, fight scene, explosion, car crash, fall, resolution leaving door open for the fraternity of writers named "Ludlum" after the true Ludlum's death to churn out sequels in perpetuity.

Note to film-makers: stop the camera sometimes. It doesn't need to drift and jitter continuously.

Is there a more un-interesting actress than Julia Stiles? Christ, she is more wooden than the cast of my high-school's production of Guys and Dolls, and has no charisma.


The Contrarian said...

Like your blog, especially the Baltimore-Wire illuminations. Oh, and great title, too.

My wife and I recently moved to DC, and we visited B-more a couple of weeks ago. Stuck close to the harbor, though, for fear of being sold hats or drugs. Gotta go back and visit the Poe grave at some point.

Just saw Bourne Ultimatum, and I mostly agree with your assesment. But I think Stiles' coldness perfectly suits her character: dispassionate and somewhat compromised.


alicia said...

Supposedly this guy that is a friend of John's old prof (from Cooper) dated Julia Stiles, they broke up and John's prof tried to fix the guy (Julia Stiles' x-boyfriend) with our friend, Christine. The guy was nice enough but not anywhere what you'd consider good looking, it was curious, and it made me think Julia Stiles might have half a brain. But haven't really seen her in anything that proves that.

Geoff's Mom said...

Glad I saw the movie or you would have ruined it for me. The movies are good but the original Ludlum books were much better! So far the only things that Ludlum wrote that made it into the movie were the titles, the character, and his memory loss. No fancy electronics and cell phones in the original books.