Thursday, August 02, 2007


The Mrs. is hosting a baby shower for her boss at our place tonight. I of course want no part of it, but when I told her I'd find something else to do I was fed small portions of guilt:

"There will be some guys here."

"Don't you want to talk to X?" (the drummer from Uganda)

"Don't you like Z?" (the journalist from Congressional Quarterly and the AP)

The answer to both questions is yes, but not at a baby shower.

X is a nice guy. He's funny, and I like music and musicians. But he has a tendency to try and get everyone around him to dance and clap and participate in his music. That's why he's great at working in elementary schools. I had behavioral problems in elementary school because of this sort of activity, however.

Z is also a nice guy. I'd have thought, hearing about his resume, that we'd have good chats. But Z is very narrowly focused on the House delegations from Arkansas and Alabama. Not exactly my forte.

I'm sure I bore both of these guys to tears. Why inflict myself upon them?

Some of the artists and performers on the payroll are coming, and a few big-wigs in local foundations. I don't schmooze well with boardmembers or doners. Good, interesting people all--but not my bag.

And those baby shower games with the clothespins and ribbons? I think I'll pass.

Am I being a jerk to want no part of this?


John Vondracek said...

I wouldn't go.

but then again I have quite a reputation for being a jerk.

:) jv

geoff said...

Now the guilt has progressed to "I need your help cooking the pansit and choosing the wine and music."

I'm going to schedule a poker night and ask her to hang around and help me choose the wine and music.

John Vondracek said...

hmmm... that's rough. I still wouldn't do it though!!! ha ha ha...

looks like it's going to be delivered pizza!

I mean, really... it's not like she's asking for help for a party... it's a BABY shower

Men are ABSOLUTELY not allowed

:) jv

alicia said...

Go pick up Ma and let her cook the pancit, you can help pick wine and music _before_ everyone else comes and then you can leave.

You won't be any fun anyway, and why spoil it for the ones who really LOVE the clothespin games. I'm sure she'll make the booboo bunnies too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to use your blog as a plug - - -but since you will have so many artists at your home tonight some of whom my have had creative blocks - - -may I suggest this book as a topic for conversation:

It is a great book and the author has a wonderful flowing style of writing that makes the reading enjoyable even if the topic does not directly apply to your situation. I say these things because they are true and it is simply a coincidence that my sister wrote this book. Did I mention that MY SISTER WROTE THIS BOOK? (Viv and I are in it - - - on the last page).

Swanksalot said...

Run away! Run away!!!

geoff said...

I ran away. And foolishly left my blog up on my laptop, where the men who did come to the baby shower used the computer to check their emails instead of hanging around at the shower.

And they read this post.


Hopefully they didn't run any updates or look through my .avi and .mpg files.

geoff said...

Jack--I'm unclear about this book. Did someone you know write it?

Bock the Robber said...

This is clearly a case of two different languages. I have no idea what a baby shower is. Are we talking about something like a Tupperware party, but for babies?

geoff said...

Precisely as I'd describe it. Including the burps that lock in freshness.