Thursday, March 09, 2006


I love the US Mail--sure, they fuck up my Netflix envelopes occasionally, and my carrier only comes to our house three times a week because he's too lazy to trudge up the last row of houses most days--but for the most part you get great bang for your buck.

Today however I received a letter for a woman whose street address is the same as ours(2 York Road), but the city was Sheffield--and the COUNTRY was UK. There were a half-dozen international stamps across the top, and one of those weird UK postal codes, and somehow this letter got delivered to Baltimore. This is the THIRD TIME this has happened recently. The last time was a letter for somebody who lived at 2 York Road in AUCKLAND FUCKING NZ. I put a Post-It note on that envelope saying, "um, not at this address," and a week later the USPS delivered it to us AGAIN.

Today I put a Post-It reading: "Not at this address, not on this street, not in this state, not in this country, not on this continent, not even on this side of the Atlantic" in hopes that poor Elizabeth Weyrich in Sheffield gets her letter this century.

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