Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Goal

I'm stuck at 20.5 books read so far this year--not bad at all, because I have in mind a goal of 100 titles consumed by the end of 2006, and that's a bit ahead of the pace I'll need to maintain.

Any cushion is a good thing given the amount of homework I'll have this semester and in the fall.

And on the topic of books: Library Thing is great, but humbling. I thought I had a big library, and have cataloged about two thirds of it online, and I'm nowhere near the top 100 Library Thing users!

Of course many of my books are single volume Library of America editions with multiple novels contained therein! (note how I'm making excuses) Also, my 52-volume set of classics shows up as one entry...

But were I to catalog every title individually I'd still have less than 1800 books!

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