Sunday, March 05, 2006

Le Weekend

As usual, it's over in a flash. I'm back at the Liberry for my loathsome Sunday shift at the Service Desk. I'm sure Tiny Drum will be in with his latest prose abomination for me to critique. I've got an Arabic midterm threatening mid-week, and some drills to do and vocab to struggle through, and also a French essay on Godot to write today if I'm bored.

Friday we had dinner with Julio and Yo! Adrienne at a new joint called B in Bolton Hill--this is Qayum Karzai's* latest Baltimore venture, and the food took forever but was excellent all around. Cha had a tasty pizza, I had a lamb gnocci**, Julio had some whitefish thang, Yo! Adrienne stuck with a basic burger. Also tasty--the red wine. Echelon pinot noir.

We retired to la casa Moore/Lundgren after for tea and cookies, and were made aware of Big News concerning the decision to engage in future activity of a nuptial variety. I'd become convinced that Julio was never going to settle down...Congratulations!!!! We're very excited, and oggled her ring and their new king-size bed. Julio took me upstairs and showed me the hole in his studio roof where he had some monstrously huge skylights installed. I told him to do some huge Rubenesque canvases up there when it's all done.

Saturday we went to the new Manor Hall at Our Lady of Grace parish in Parkton for a PTA fundraiser/bull roast/oyster shuck. Mostly it was an opportunity to see friends we see far less often than we should--the Traveling Joneses, Buf and MA, Sluggo and Spooge Whore, the Caps. They all live in the wilderness of northern Balto. County with their broods; Cha and I are more city-ish in temprament these days, and not living in the same five-mile radius as the rest keeps us apart, alas. We had a good time drinking shitty beer in vast quantities, watching E. win four times at the Liquor Wheel, dancing to hip-hop with an all-white red-state crowd, and coming in first place for a winery wine-tasting for 12 in a silent auction. The Traveling Joneses sound ready to move again, now that Boy #3 is sleeping through the night. We've not ventured abroad with them since the Irish Adventure in 2000.

My friends are old.*** I can't believe we were talking about our 20th high school reunion, which, were it to happen, would happen next year. It was weird to be back at Our Lady of Grace--that's where Cha and I tied the knot almost 12 years ago.

Sadly, we missed Klezma's art show opening downtown--it was postponed after the big snow a couple weeks back. Our intention was to catch a half-hour before the oyster roast, but it didn't work out. We'll get down to the show next Saturday.

*Yes, Qayum is Hamid Karzai's brother.
**Eventually I've got to get back to fishitarianism. I fell off the wagon almost two years ago and need to get back on board.
***Of course they're all my age or younger--Ugh.

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