Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's bad

It's bad enough when I'm trying to study Arabic adjectives and nouns to have occasional patrons ask moronic questions, but Eskimo's 45-minute varietal harangue about ILL/politics/how bad things are was particularly awful timing. I just know Tiny Drum is going to bug me about his analytical essay too.

Mid-term at 8am tomorrow, ugh. Perhaps I'll take the afternoon off before work and eat some mescalin.

Update: I'm struggling to remember the Arabic words for big/small and far/near and the confoundedly similar words for table/tall/student when Tiny Drum approaches. He's trying to serruptitiously slip me 20 bucks the way made guys in Scorcese films tip people. I refuse the money, though I've earned it, and tell him to give it to Amnesty International.

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