Thursday, March 16, 2006

Shut the Fuck Up

I'm amazed Chris Matthews gets respect as a journalist--I think if he sticks his head any further up his own ass he'll be able to suck his own uvula.

The guy's just another right-wing shill in a lineup of partisan hacks (excepting the mighty Olbermann, of course).

Plus he's got a big giant head like a pumpkin, and foamy spit forms at the corners of his mouth when he rants nonsensically. The last time I watched him all the way through was during the Argentinian riots last year. He droned on and on about how amazed he was that protesters were covering their faces with handkerchiefs. "You don't see that in the US, do you?" he kept shouting. "It's because down there the police will kill you." I could only think dumbass...maybe if you actually went to one of the protests like a news reporter then you'd see what happens there. Another reporter kept trying to tell him that many people cover their faces at protests, even in the US--and not only anarchists, but also people who don't like to inhale nerve gas. Matthews kept going off about how novel it was, however, as usual not hearing what other people have to say, watching himself talk on his stupid monitor. He's daft.

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