Thursday, March 09, 2006

Old Times

Just had a visit from The Dazzling Urbanite (who hasn't blogged since the Paleolithic)--he's staying at his folks' here in town and commuting to DC every day for training with his new company. Must be great to buy a house in Naples, FL, relocate from Manhattan, redo the house, get settled, get a job--only to be sent to Baltimore for a daily 4-hour commute to DC to learn a computer system.

It didn't seem proper for us to chat in the dingy HVAC room behind the Service Desk. One needs Charlie the barkeep, a pitcher of Bass Ale, and a pack of Camels for the occasion. Of course Charlie the barkeep was fired when Angel's Grotto became L'il Dickie's, and a decade has tempered the desire for both Bass Ale and chain-smoking cigs in a dive bar.

The conversation, however, is still top-notch. Also nice to know that The Dazzling Urbanite and hubby are happy and healthy and dealing with blue-state/red-state culture shock rather well.

*That picture actually is from the Angel's Grotto, but I didn't take it. Found it on Google Images....

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