Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My mother-in-law excitedly told me she'd remembered a long-forgotten filipino dessert recipe. "I remember how to make kutsinta!" she said, at the same time of course proferring a Tupperware bowl full of them. "You try!" I ate one of the very tasty steamed rice pastries, then she gave me another, and then she gave me another. "Ok, ma, they're delicious! Thank you!" She gave me a fourth, watched happily as I ate it, and then said in a scolding tone:

"You know, don't eat too many kutsinta. It's very bad for you!" She cackled at the dismay on my face.

"Ma, you gave me four!" I shouted (she's nearly deaf). I asked her what was in it, and she laughed: "Half white sugar, half brown sugar, and a little rice flour." With shaved coconut and powdered sugar on top!

I love my mother-in-law, but she is bonkers.

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