Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tone Deaf

"I need to continue speaking as clearly as possible about the consequences of success and the consequences of failure."

George W. Bush in response to a question by the Post's Jim Vandehei just moments ago. We all know how capable the President is of "speaking clearly."

The White House is obviously in crisis mode, trying to shore up sagging poll numbers. This strategy of having Bush stumble and bumble his way publicly through an embarrassing litany of tired cliches can't work. He's like an earnest but tone-deaf karaoke singer who hogs the mic, annoying bar patrons who simply want to drown their sorrows with his tin-ear versions of Air Supply and Little River Band tracks. Putting Bush in the public eye is not the solution. Keeping him out of sight and mind is. He's a buffoon and his smirking condescension is now tinged with desperation. Not pretty to behold. He actually just said "I don't pay attention to polls." Then why this rare sudden press conference?

Update: The post-press conference fluff job on the President's sagging flagpole by Noron O'Donnell was a sight to behold. Where she found him "energized" and "engaged" I found him petulant and testy and clueless. She thought his fiery exchange with Helen Thomas evidence of media culpability in the negative view Americans have of Iraq and prospects for success. Actually Helen exposed Bush as a liar and an ignoramus.

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