Thursday, March 30, 2006

Home Alone

Cha leaves next Thursday for 10 days in Milan, then upon her return almost immediately leaves again for five days in Miami. I used to be the busy business traveler, dammit! Now I'm home more often than not pining for the absent Mrs.

I don't miss business travel, however. Bleary-eyed layovers in Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Detroit, Taipei, Cleveland, LA, Logan. Wretched experiences on Northwest, the world's worst airline. Staying in those abysmal "suites" in Ann Arbor in January, negative 7 plus (minus?) windchill and snow every day.

I do miss Vegas once a year. I recall fondly getting so drunk playing dollar roulette at the Hard Rock that Shank and I missed the morning meeting where we both were awarded awards but were embarrassingly not present when called to the podium (and our boss called us on the carpet for it too). Good days, those. I could stretch $50 into 10 hours of free drinks at those tables, and usually left a few hundred bucks ahead; attending seminars and workshops and trainings and giving presentations and winning awards were not a priority in Sin City.

I could've gone to the Maryland Librarian Association convention in a few weeks in goddamn Ocean City, MD. The Liberry would have even paid for half a room.

Mmmm, no thanks.

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