Monday, March 27, 2006

"Penguins is practically chickens."

Yeah, it's good. It's beautiful, and moving, and birds are fucking cool--but March of the Penguins isn't any better than a million other animal films I've seen, most being National Geographic or PBS documentaries that certainly made far less money. Cha and I watched a show about flamingos last year that was equally lovely, and featured a forced-march desert migration of baby flamingos. Many of them had balls of dried clay form on their little wings that weighed them down until they collapsed and died.

There are similar scenes in March of the Penguins, so be forewarned. I like to imagine that the way penguins shoot out of the water at high speed is how flight orignated millions of years ago. I also think that birds mirror the origins of our own ritual behaviors in their instinctive mating routines, migratory patterns, songs, and struttings.

Good bonus features on the DVD, including a making of documentary, but best of all is the WB cartoon Eight Ball Bunny, which is a personal fave.

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