Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Trying to visualize whatever little beasties are replicating in my sinuses and throat and lungs. Bastards--stay out of the stomach! Another half-day of work, and skipped French today to lay on the couch coughing and drinking tea. Silenus bravely mans the Desk for me now as I deal with accumulating paperwork and orders in the back. I still feel like I'm "getting" sick as opposed to "being" sick, and that fills me with dread. I've had this feeling off and on since last Wednesday night, and it grows tiresome. Part of me simply wants to give in and say "bring it on." Some of the staff here were laid low for more than a week...I have my annual physical exam Friday, maybe Doc Hartig can fix me up good.

Making things more unbearable is E. in full merciless Angel of Death mode. Dressed completely in black, hair unforgivingly pulled back, she launched into a harangue that made poor Benadryl-addled me want to curl up fetally at her feet.

Of course one staff member had her house burn down last weekend, which puts everything in perspective. Fortunately she and her husband and all their pets--dogs, horses,etc.--are alive and well. Their house and most worldly possessions are a total loss. I try and feel sorry for myself in my sickness and simply can't muster it in the face of such a thing. A weird negative start to '06--I thought the joss of the year was bad from the get-go, and haven't been disappointed. Nor have most people I know.

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