Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Sunday night I had a dream that I was in the downtown of some megalopolis beset by tornadic storms. All the windows of the high-rises were blown out, and some survivors including myself were trying to decide if we should look for wounded people or seek shelter because the winds were increasing dramatically and the sky was again purple and dark and twisty.

We decided to head for the hills and from a distance we looked back on the city as five or six twisters snaked around the skyscrapers. I thought to myself "I always dream about tornados," and then I thought "I AM dreaming." Immediately all the lights in all the buildings came on. I elbowed some anonymous dude to my right and said "Watch this!" I raised my hands up Moses-parting-the-waters style and instantly the giant cloud system above town burst into golden sparks that faded to blue skies. The pyrotechnics I caused were so mesmerizing that I forgot I was dreaming and lost the lucid thread.

To my knowledge I've never had a lucid dream before, although once I dreamed I had a lucid dream, but that was only my dream-self dreaming that.

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