Thursday, March 17, 2005

You Go, California Supreme Court

I don't know why I watch cable TV discussion shows; they simply angry up the blood, and often the discourse is at a lower level than when my ENGL102 students debate controversial issues. I have cut way back, but sometimes I'll check in on MSNBC or Fox to hear over what foolishness the pundits are currently bloviating. Yesterday Reagan and Crowley had a particularly adolescent discussion of gay marriage, though I give Reagan props for stepping up to the plate and pointing out holes in the conservative guest's arguments that his liberal guest was unable to counter.

I'm aggravated by attempts to claim that marriage has "always" been defined a certain way, and should therefore remain stagnant. "Marriage has always been defined as being between one man and one woman who love each other."

Yeah, right. Tell it to those Old Testament patriarchs and their dozens of wives, concubines, courtesans, slaves, etc. Tell it to those who until relatively recently had their mates chosen by families without any regard to love. Tell it to those 50% of Americans who call it quits because their marriages turn out to be less than sacred after all.

Hey Protestants! A schism over marriage rights helped free you from the dread influence of nefarious Papery. Remember that when you claim marriage has "always" been this or that.

Two consenting adults should be able to get hitched if they want. As heteros, my wife and I had that right; if others are denied that right because they want to marry someone of the same sex, then it's descrimination, plain and simple. Conservatives used to be all about limiting state involvement in people's lives, and limiting the role of government regulation. When it comes to gay marriage, however,many conservatives seem to want to limit freedoms and increase regulation. WTF?

I think Evangelicals should be more like Christ--give away all your possessions, remain single your entire life, and go sit in the desert for 40 days and get your nose out of everyone else's business. What you think consigns people to Hell is none of my concern--worry about preparing your own asses for the Rapture.


Jane Hamsher said...

I think it's a sign of latent masochism that I continue to watch Monica Crowley even though she drives me insane. I mean, is she capable of any independent thought? Has she ever uttered a single word that was not in lockstep with the GOP talking points on any and every given issue? One day I'm gonna be clutching my left arm and screaming for Monica's blood. When they find my cold dead corpse, you'll know she did me in.

Nick said...

Yeah, and hang out with twelve lover--I mean disciples!

geoff said...

Even worse than the regurgitation of party-line dictats is her cool, sneering contempt for anyone with whom she disagrees. I loathe her, and I loathe myself not only for watching that shit occasionally, but for even knowing who she is!

geoff said...

Ha. I thought about bringing up the homoerotic potentialities of the apostles, but begged off--I should have, given The DaVinci Code popularity, written "Those of you who believe Christ was single all his life..."

Nick said...

Second Coming indeed!!!!