Thursday, March 24, 2005


Much as it pains me to support an organization headed up by the likes of Bob Barr and Grover Norquist, I really support what their new PAC is trying to do (as does the ACLU, which counters the libertarian/right heavyweights in Patriots to Restore Checks 'n Balances with a principled lefty presence).

Barr is a hypocrite on abortion and was involved in the impeachment foolishness a few years ago, but he is eloquent and driven when it comes to limiting government secrecy and government intrusiveness; his concerns about the Patriot Act are mine, and their CSPAN news conference the other day was excellent.

There are conservatives worried about the direction of the Republican party--the blogosphere is abuzz since the Schiavo controversy because old-school Buckley/Goldwater conservatives are starting to buck the system a bit; even Brooks and Will have trashed the DeLay crowd this week. It's particularly significant to see guys like Paul Weydrich (Heritage Foundation founder, recipient of lavish support from Scaife, Coors, Mellon, Pew, D. Rockefeller, and primary architect of the "Reagan Revolution") participating in Barr's PAC. Send them money.


dan bouchard said...

how about I send them a big wicker basket filled with dog shit?

The enemy of my enemy might occasionally be my friend, but only the kind of friend who's going to smack me in the head with a brick when it suits him.

They don't "need" my money anyway. Who will destroy whom first: Xtian far right or Goldwater far right? Let's not get sentimental about "old school" conservatives.

Remember, peons don't forge alliances when two of their mortal enemies are fighting. Just let them fight.

geoff said...

Nothing would please me more than to hear that Bob Barr and Grover Norquist received an Easter basket full of canine turdage!

And yet, I disagree. I fear the Xtian far right far more than the secular far right (who have used the Xtians to their advantage, certainly)--send your money to the ACLU if Barr's PAC is too distasteful.

It may indeed achieve that status later, but as of now my relationship to the right is not one of "mortal" enmity.