Monday, March 21, 2005


Julio recommended this, and as one of the few films he and Yo! Adrienne have in common I thought why not check it out? I'd seen the trailer at The Charles last year and had no desire to see it, but on their recommendations gave it a shot. Cha and I enjoyed everything from the engaging opening cafeteria-themed credits to the tether-ball finale. A pleasant blend of cute and creepy. I ate lunch with Pedro and Napolean every day at the misfit table from 8th thru 11th grade.

Old faves--another reason to have Netflix! Of course this film rules, everyone knows that, so I don't need to say anything. I will point out, however, that DVDs are great because you can pause them and there are no annoying VHS lines across the screen--and this function is particularly wonderful when Kate Hepburn's dress is torn off to expose great gams and tush in high stockings and garters, and when she's sliding across the floor in a dangerously open bathrobe. YES! Bringing Up Baby is replete with extremely subtle sexual innuendo as well, starting with the first lines:

Cary Grant: "I'm sure this bone must go in the tail."

His wife: "Nonsense, dear. You tried it there last night and it was simply too big."


Nick said...

Both Hepburns creep me out sexually.

geoff said...

Ha. I used to feel that way about Kate, and still do about the other.