Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I'm lazy today. With sun and temps in the 60s I had to drag my ass in here this afternoon, particularly after spending another hour with the tax man this morning (with further itemizations we achieved a mere $400 deficit--yes, it sucks sending money rather than getting it back, but I can deal with $400 as opposed to $1200 or $2000).

Cha is off all week and rubs it in every opportunity she gets, damn her!

"Work" today consists of going through old hard-to-find orders and seeing if I can track them down. I've got no cataloging and no withdrawals and no special projects, so I'm decorating the newly painted walls in my "office" with postcards, cheap National Gallery reproductions, a Johnny Cash poster, and a variety of photos and knick-knacks (I wish I'd kept all those posters I trashed years back--my Slayer poster would look great down here). I tried to load a chess program onto my PC but lack the administrative authority to do so (normally when I scan old orders I'll listen to my language CDs, but they disappeared from my desk when my furniture got moved--now I need a game until the next issue arrives. I don't think the others were stolen--they probably ended up falling out of the drawers and down into the innards of my 1950s desk, never to be retrieved).

Yes, this entry is worthless, because I have nothing to say right now.