Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fuck this movie

Although not his worst film (that distinction belongs to the forgetable and lamentably awful Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me), this one is rather wretched. Several kindly souls had warned me not to bother, but I figured since it's by David Lynch I had to see it--let's just say the kindly souls were correct. Lost Highway is bad, with only two things going for it:

A) Fans of Mulholland Drive may be interested in seeing a less interesting, less elegant exploration of the same themes here

B) Fans of T&A may enjoy Patricia Arquette's near continuous nudity

Otherwise, avoid at all costs. Robert Blake plays a psycho-killer/pornographer. Not much of a stretch, given what we know now, eh? Cameos by Gary Busey and Marilyn Manson and Henry Rollins can't save the day either. The DVD itself is of the lowest caliber--the colors are washed, the images are at times distorted (even beyond Lynch's intentional shimmyings), and the pan-and-scan is inept.

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