Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogger gone haywire!

Yes, Blogger has been on the blink much of the last few days--comments won't post, posts won't post, those that do work are posted twice or only partially.

Blogger is a free service; we get what we pay for! Actually, that's unfair, because it works really well most of the time.

Here's an email comment from the Earl of Pembroke--I can't post it to the Lost Highway review because the Comments function is not working:

For some reason I'm prevented from responding on your Blog about your review of Lost Highway. It's important to point out that there is no official DVD release of the film; I borrowed it from a Borders employee, and it was obvious that it is a bootleg DVD copy of a videotape. So colors and values are wrong, and even the proportions are questionable.

Somehow I think that you're way off in slamming the film. Though Mul.Dr. is a masterpiece in comparison, LH broke ground which later flowered into MDr, particularly in the way it played with the dream/reality theme. I think Lost Highway needs to be seen in relation to Wild At Heart and Blue Velvet - Lynch returned to sheer darkness after WAH, with dream as the drive.

I really want to buy a DVD of this - I wonder whether Blake's woes are holding it up?

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Anonymous said...

Blake's woes hold up his ass .