Monday, March 14, 2005

The Tax Man

I did our taxes twice after we bought the house--that was enough! The last time it took me nine hours, what with our numerous jobs and 401ks and itemized teacher receipts and travel expenses and whatnot. I guess now that there are computer programs which make tax preparing easier, I should get back to doing them myself--I could save a hundred bucks that way, but then I think "hell, I probably get $100 in refund I would've missed by consulting an expert."

So today I went to H&R Block because our local dude lit out either because he went out of bidness or because he got audited and had to hit the road. Either way the H&R Block guy was cool--he turned out to be a Green Party dude and had visited Singapore and really liked Borders in Towson until 2000, when, he said "I guess the management changed and it started to really decline." Arguably, the decline started long before yours truly quit as GM, but I still have to admit I was happy to hear my tax preparer say that (he didn't even know I was once a manager there).

H prepared our taxes all the way down to the grand finale, and was about to award us some $2000 from the Feds and State when he realized he'd left out one of Cha's umpteen gazillion W-2s. Because this W-2 was for an uncontractual State job as a teacher trainer, and because there was no withholding of her wages, and because this falls under schedule C self-employment compensation, we got fucked royally and ended up owing $700 to the Feds and a couple hundred to the State after he added in her two-week MATI summer gig.

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