Sunday, March 27, 2005


Saturday I watched part three of Cocteau's

Testament of Orpheus is the weakest link in the trilogy, but has some very memorable moments (including fun cameos by Picasso and Yul Brenner). Cocteau cautions Poets about celebrity, authority, and how to exist in the eternal and the current simultaneously without descending to madness (when the Goddess kills Cocteau with a spear, he says, in French of course, "The horror, the horror, the horror"--well, actually he says "what horror!"--this of course will be familiar to fans of Apocalypse Now). I enjoyed participating in his personal mythology, and must now read his book on cinema

which was excerpted on the DVD. Also included is a cute little 16 mm documentary made by Cocteau of his murals in a villa located in the south of France.

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