Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sometimes a cigar

An afternoon filled with jargon-laden liberry tech blather; first Eskimo filled me in on an upcoming update of our inter-library loan software and some connectivity issues and software communication problems we're likely to encounter next week. Then, a meeting to discuss some cataloging software changeover, and changes in batch functionality and OCLC connectivity and Aleph and Connexion and CatMe and holdings and admin records and meanwhile I'm daydreaming about running away to Mexico or Alaska or Iceland and just sitting and listening to water and watching sky and mountains, never again to worry about servers or inputs or outlets or who has version 1.5 and can't talk to us because we have version 1.7.

All of this unconcious anti-work hostility bubbled up in a Freudian slip. I just took a monthly cataloging stat sheet upstairs and asked the two coolest Aunties to whom I should give it, but instead of asking "Where do I put this stat sheet?" I asked "Where do I put the stat shit?" Awkward, I tells ya!