Monday, March 21, 2005

Le Weekend

Busy, busy, busy!!!!


I ran 7 miles Friday. I haven't run 7 miles since May, 1987, my last season as captain of the varsity track team. In fact, we were probably supposed to run 7 miles twice a week and I probably lead my boys on a shortcut most of those times.

I felt really great, even going up some rather wretched hills that I did not anticipate while mentally laying out my course. Friday evening, however, I noticed an ache in the top of my right foot near the ankle whilst playing a spot of billiards with Yahtzee at Ye Olde Angel's Grotto Pub, and sure enough, there's a gushy welt of fluid there. Some sort of tendon injury, presumably? So now I'm sidelined at least until tomorrow. Muthafucka!

Yahtzee cleaned on up me at pool, too. At one point he was only winning 5 games to 4; I think when we were done I'd lost 12-5. That's ok, I'm better at analytical psychology.


Saturday was a long day. Lenore and Schott's baby shower was an enormous undertaking--something like 70 people showed up! Philippinos treat even distant cousins as close relatives, so there were obscure groups from all up and down the eastern seaboard, including Cha's sisters (Bibs and Baron Munchausen from NC, Leesha from NY--our house guests this weekend). I spent the entire party entertaining small children with balloons and watching So. Ill. vs. somebody in the NCAAs.

Home after that, and I completely absconded my responsibilities as a host and left our houseguests to head over to Conniption's for dinner (Indian from Yeti--yum) with him and Double Engine (I hadn't seen her in ages; I was so overjoyed I had to caution her to keep away, "lest I spille madam..."). Little M is not-so-little now, and looks lovely like her mother--she's registering for kindergarten today! Little I has a great head of wavy red hair and gave me a big hug as soon as he saw me. Their dog chewed on me for a half hour, which I liked because I can't have a dog due to Cha's allergies, and then Conniption's friend showed, the kids went to bed, Double Engine joined us briefly before retiring, and then we started to drink beer in earnest. I haven't drunk beer with guys in a LONG time. We watched several videos of people doing astonishing things on their bikes, including many crashes that hurt my teeth and nards to see. We talked about porn and pullups and popshots and farts and I got turned on to new (for me) music--Killdozer, Gang of 4 (fucking amazing!), some punk trucker/southern rock band whose name I forget but whose band photo took me back to Hereford High, The Minutemen, and Husker Du. I hope Conniption hydrated before bed! (BTW--happy birthday today!) I should have gone home at 9pm to entertain Cha's family while she was running her fund-raiser event, but was having too much fun; I didn't get home until 2:20am. Her sisters and Baron Munchausen entertained themselves with my DVD/VHS collection, and apparently even dug out some porn!?


Cha's folks came over and then after 2 we finally had some time together by ourselves, which we used to great advantage. Then I was lazy all afternoon and watched basketball and read.

Now I'm back at work. Wah.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I made sure to hydrate and have another plate of Indian for before going to sleep. I barely had a hangover the next day, but I sure was tired. In fact, I'm still tired.

The name of the band that escapes you is Drive-By Truckers. I still have a lot of other music that I want you to hear. I was deeply touched that you could appreciate Killdozer -- you're definitely part of a small minority.

Anonymous said...

Indian FOOD, dammit!

Nick said...

How's it going?

Anonymous said...

Everything is OK. It'll be better when the weather gets warmer, though. At this point, I'm sick of being stuck inside at work, at home, at school, etc. How's it going with you?

Nick said...

Pretty good also--I like weather like today's...

I do feel pretty sheepish about only living, what--four or five blocks away from you all and not seeing you at all!

Anonymous said...

anal what? BAH!