Monday, May 15, 2006

You Be the Decider

I've got Living With Waron and it's turned up loud. Aside from the strange intrusion of a grade school trumpeter from time to time, it's catching on; I love the crunchy scarecrow rhythm of that old Gibson through a tube amp. I must admit when I heard it streaming from Neil's website I didn't like it much, especially compared to the much more substantial Greendale. But Living With War rocks along like those early '90s discs when Young re-discovered himself (Ragged Glory,Freedom,Sleeps With Angels),and mostly satisfies.

It's angry, but not pessimistic. I wish there were more teeth-hurting guitar solos and a bit less of the 100-voice chorus--perhaps live that will be the case. Good article here.

Looks like people are buying it too.

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