Monday, May 01, 2006

Number 32

I like reading far-out books about esoteric knowledge, and came to Steiner via his crazy biography. Steiner trained as a scientist and engineer, then started going nuts over Goethe's color theories, which he thought were of exceptional importance. He was called upon by Nietzsche's sister to catalog her catatonic brother's papers--Steiner saw the poor spyrochete-addled philosopher propped up by a window and drooling, poisoned by the venom of Zarathustra's serpent. This had a powerful impact on him, and shortly thereafter he encountered a mysterious adept on a train and devoted himself to occult practices. I don't know that I believe in Steiner's 'higher worlds'--but I find his little guide to meditation practice an interesting melange, and was shocked I tell you SHOCKED that anyone would dare give away the dread secret of the Higher Guardian...nia, ia, shubb niggurath, azathoth piping mindlessly in the ether. Cthulu zi kur!

Fortunately I was spared exposure to the hidden knowledge, for my own fear grew so intense I fainted dead away.

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