Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Fuck the holiday season. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is the end of Spring semester, when all the hoodlums who get bombed each night and puke in my yard and litter up the neighborhood with their Natural Light cans move the fuck out for the summer. Watching that line of cars outside the dorms today as I walked to work--seeing the bent depressed parents assisting their offspring as they moved off campus--I nearly teared up, the joy was so delicious.

I'm alone on the second floor of the Liberry tonight, except for Assburger, who's pulled every volume of every horticulture journal off the shelves, building a pyramid of them as usual. Fuck him--even the regular nitwits can't dim my spirits today.

I plan to celebrate this occasion after work this evening. Thursday and Friday I'm working 5:30-10pm, and then I'm taking a four-day weekend.


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