Thursday, May 18, 2006


Wholly unwarranted (tho much appreciated) hagiographies about the literary value pretentions of this site aside, my truest, most vital mission here is to discuss intoxicants. The latest such foray involved a bottle of Absinthe Elixier, a short glass, some ice cubes, and a very pleasant evening.

Many absintheurs describe taking a third (or more) of the bottle per voyage; as a rookie adventurer, I reigned in those impulses and stuck with two sturdy drinks of a couple fingers each, cut with an equal amount of water and a sugar cube in the traditional manner.

I was not disappointed by Absinthe Elixier. There's a mild mouthwash taste tinged with anise, but neither flavor is overwhelming. At 70% alcohol I found it surprisingly un-bitter. The buzz--fabled in myth and poetry--is absolutely unique amongst liquors. After the first drink I was noticeably intoxicated, but without the stupid heavy feeling I associate with bourbon or vodka drunks. I could stand and move about without impairment, and although there was a substantial euphoria, I was not in the least cranially incapacitated. After the second glass I noted a peculiar shimmering effect, as though everything was coated in glistening varnish. This effect will be familiar to those who've engaged various organic hallucinogens, as it often marks the beginnings of an experience. I was soon rendered particularly randy, though that's not unusual for a Taurus at any time of the year, and most un-unusual in May, especially when said Taurus has a fantastically hot wife.

I'm eager to explore further with a more substantial partaking, and shall do so soon. Perhaps before the Move Like Seamus show tomorrow night?

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