Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Hill--Up and Over

Saturday continued my progression from late middle thirties and into early late. 37 is a nice sturdy age. I don't feel a day over 25.

Had a housefull of houseguests this weekend. Cha was out of town for yet another conference, but her sisters stayed over for a mother's day surprise. Leesha arrived Friday evening with Chalupa in tow. Big Red remained behind in NYC because he's insanely busy doing the animations for Roger Waters' Dark Side of the Moon revival tour. Apparently he shared a cab recently with Waters, who spoke of his hatred for David Glimour. I tried to listen to Dark Side recently after a long lay-off. Couldn't get through it. Still like Brain Damage, but the other tracks simply annoy. Prefer Ummagumma or Meddle if I deign to re-visit The Floyd anymore.

Bibs and Frere Jacques arrived from Raleigh NC around 1:30am Saturday. Hadn't seen them in a couple years. Saturday afternoon we had a large gathering when The Nameless arrived with Ma. She was surprised to see her out-of-town anaks. Cha arrived finally around 6:30, just as my family pulled up. We went to dinner for a combined birthday/Mother's Day celebration and gorged ourselves.

Now I'm back in the Liberry, dreading the crush of last-minute paper procrastinators and exam studiers. This week is Finals Week, thank God. Only one more Sunday after today and I have them off for the summer.

Shit, I have to study for my two finals as well.

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