Monday, May 01, 2006


Last night at 10pm I got a call from Julio. "Are you busy tomorrow between 10am and noon?" No. "You want to go to a wedding?" he asked.

Apparently Yo! Adrienne's folks were in town and they'd told both sets of parents at a dinner this weekend about their engagement a couple months ago. Then, Sunday night they decided to get the marriage out of the way while her parents were in Baltimore. Hence the last-minute heroics.

The deed was accomplished at 11am this morning at the Clarence Mitchell, Jr. Courthouse in Baltimore. Julio had no ring so he used a strange antique silver thing with an enormous turqoise stone like an abcess. I thought it was a mood ring. He told me he'd found it on the sidewalk years ago, and when he busted it out during the ceremony Yo! Adrienne nearly collapsed in hilarity.

Julio's mother was so happy. "I thought it would never happen," she said. Of course I'm used to seeing her at the worst moments: fuming after catching us with Hustlers, bailing us out of jail, scratching her head when we returned the car in less-than-perfect condition, the remnants of a wire fence wrapped around drive shaft and axles. Most of that stuff happened more than 20 years ago.

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