Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stupid Entry

Destroyed countless brain cells this weekend--'twas the plan all along. As soon as I left the Liberry Thursday I was off on a three-day debauch celebrating the end-of-semester. Yahtzee and I hit the Recher for pool Thursday where he soundly spanked me 10-2 (the games were close contests at least). We drank numerous beers, then retired chez moi for wine and smoke.

Friday was spent lounging around the house recovering and resting for the Move Like Seamus gig at Mick O'Shea's, which exceeded expectations. They put on a rocking show for a packed house; I'd rank it their best performance in recent memory. The crowd was obviously pleased, and the dance floor was SRO the entire third set. Lots of cool fun folk showed: Lenore, P-Man, Schott, K'wali and Klezma, Damnyelli, The Sandstress, It's Australian for Beer!, Virginia Monologues, Porc Heaven, Yahtzee, and Carrie. Sorry if I missed anyone--after 8 Guinesses, a bourbon, a shooter that tasted like strawberry shortcake, an Irish Car Bomb, the night degenerates somewhat into blurred fragments. Unexpectedly there was cake and singing for my belated birthday, and drinks were thrust upon me at an alarming rate, fueling an eventual spastic aerobic display. Virginia Monologues gave me a gift wrapped in The Socialist Worker, the cover of said print organ featuring an article she'd written about Anti-Bush Rage Sweeping the US. I much appreciated it.

Before the bar we had dinner at Kumari with K'wali and Klezma. Delicious. Simply delicious. I was looking for parking and was stopped at the corner of Charles and Eager when Faulty Landscape strode purposefully around the corner. He didn't notice my beeping. K'wali wants to try the Bridge of Smoke, and has offered his hooka as vehicle. He's also interested in absinthe and mysterious cacti. Klezma is not "down with" this idea at all.

Saturday was Sis's annual bash in Menges Mills PA. The Hulk and his now bride-to-be showed. I ate like a pig but we couldn't stay long because Cha was suffering miserably due to pollen. She slept for hours when we got home, then jumped up to go see Seamus again. I remained home, Yahtzee swung by, and we drank and smoked and drank again. I drained a third of the abinsthe bottle and we watched Tex Avery cartoons while playing Scrabble. The absinthe gave me vivid dreams I cannot recall.

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