Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finals Week

This morning completed the written portion of my Arabic final--I still have to log onto some online program, listen to a dialogue, and record answers in Arabic to several questions in Arabic and upload them to my instructor. I'll do so Friday.

Tomorrow the French final looms, and I've yet to study. I'm not overly concerned about defining/describing the literary movements or major figures, as that's kindergartenesque by now. Same goes for the two essay questions, which involve (Part I) describing how one would act during the French Resistance were one a bourgeois Parisien (collaborator) or a farmer (resistance fighter) and (Part II) discussing whether or not political violence is ever justifiable--un morceau de gateau, je crois. I'm mildly concerned about a list of a dozen or so Francophone authors from Africa whose death and birth dates I must know and whose chief works and literary styles I must briefly discuss--but that's rote memorization of the sort I can accomplish shortly before class.

After the exam, and after work tomorrow, I have two days off, then work my final Sunday before a summer full of weekends. The following weekend is a four-day Memorial Day treat. Needless to say I plan to 'cut loose' each of the next few days.

With the spring semester out of the way I'll be able to resume more fully my duties as watcher and judger of DVDs and reader of books. I'm falling behind on both counts.

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