Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Quote from an Amazon.com customer review of Mean Girls: I saw this movie in my Linear Algebra class and I'm sorry, but it's just ADORABLE.

Exactly how Mean Girls fits into any mathematics curriculum, let alone that of Linear Algebra, shall remain a mystery. Also a mystery: yes, I added this to my Netflix queue. Voluntarily. I don't understand it any more than you. Sometimes I need a break from angst-ridden art films, and when I've got co-eds popping gum and flipping their Dr. Suess head-top braids at me at the Service Desk I sometimes feel I should try to stay "current" with the culture that fashions them.

It's bad, but it isn't that bad. Mean Girls is better, in fact, than the worst of John Waters' stuff (those "cute" mean comedies like Serial Mom and Cecil B. Demented). Tina Fey isn't wholly untalented as a comedy writer. I'm trying to find backward compliments en lieu de actual praise for the movie. I did laugh.


Cluelessremains the artistic summit of this particular genre.

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