Tuesday, May 30, 2006


It was a rough few days for our goldfish tank, to say the least. On Wednesday last week Ophelia (pictured, far left) got so sick from internal parasites that we were sure she was gone. She was upside-down at the top of the tank for a day, barely breathing, but I dosed her with vitamins and meds and nursed her back to health slowly.

On Sunday when we got back from NYC I knew something was wrong with Leviathan (pictured, far right) because his color was wrong and his eyes were bulging out. Poor little guy was upside-down by the middle of the night and was dead in the am. As I fished Leviathan out I noticed that Einstein (center) was dead also. I think these two little piggies ate the entire 4-day food tablet we'd left for the weekend in a matter of hours, gorging themselves to death. Now it might be silly to get all upset about a goldfish, but Leviathan was my favorite pet. Every day he made me laugh because he had no dorsal fin and his tiny front fins were too small for his fat body. He'd waddle around the tank eating rocks and spitting them out and it cracked me up. The other fish were always bullying him and powing him in the gills and he never cared, little Buddha that he was. Leviathan started this whole fishtank thing we've got going now. When we bought him at Fairy Tails it was because he was so damned cute. Now he's compost. RIP buddy. As for Einstein--we knew you were going to eat yourself to death some day. You went out doing what you loved most.

Now Ophelia is doing well, but she's lonely in her big tank. I'm not in the mood to buy more fish, however. At least not yet.

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