Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Power of the Internet Tubes

Within a bit under 30 hours of posting my Donors Choose library was fully funded. You guys are awesome. I felt ridiculous but I was crying on my way to Back to School night tonight because I was so happy. How often do we cry from happiness? Not nearly enough. I thought it would take weeks to raise $400. I know teachers who wait forever.

The kids are going to be VERY excited, and I get to take pictures of them reading the books to send to donors as a thank you!*

I see that my former mentor has also had her project fully funded--the same day as mine. Awesome. Booker T. is already on the rebound; this kind of generosity is exactly what we need to help the kids. Thanks to Earthdragon and Ellen Cherry for putting up links offering assistance. Thanks to Sharkycharming for finding me someone with a stash of used books to donate.

Now I've got to unwind from a trying week. I've got loads of work to do tomorrow--grading, lesson planning, etc. But now I'm going to drink a glass of wine, take a hot bath, and get my mind in the right place to play music tonight at Mick's. Hopefully I'll see some of you there.

*Pending permission slips, of course!

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Designerd said...

I think you don't have enough faith in people (although look who's talking! ha!)

people would have given more, I think, had there been more programs and projects set up to fund...

good causes are pretty hard to find, and I think a lot of people are so burned out on so many giant catastrophies that just a good "friend of a friend needs money to help children" is pretty much the shot in the arm people are looking for.

that's just MY opinion though. I am thrilled you got what you needed! Can't WAIT to see the pictures!

:) jv