Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 21

So my last class of the day had their best day of the year so far. A social worker familiar with that crew popped her head in at one point and could not keep her jaw from sagging to her chest. Earlier she'd given me a high-five and said "May the Force be with you in that last class of yours!"

The kids were working. Quietly. They were hanging on my every word. Somebody slipped NyQuil into their milk at lunch, I figure. The social worker gaped, knuckled her eyes furiously, and gaped again. She gave me a "WTF?" look. I laughed. I didn't do anything different today.

Of course during the last ten minutes of class their somnolence wore off: TeeVee Wonder jumped up and punched Mikala in the face and started choking her, and the PlayMate of the Month went berzerk and took off her shoe and hit Chanty on the back of the head. But still--this was their best day. By FAR. I think they actually learned something about exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action. I know I did.

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