Thursday, September 04, 2008

pimped-out teaching platform

pimped-out teaching platform, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Sixth graders--even the proto-thuggish wannabe gangsta corner boys--are already pretty darn cute. But make an announcement that B'more City Schools are closing early due to heat and the cuteness becomes darling exuberance. Tiny voices yelling and squealing "hooray" like Peanuts characters? I could hardly bear the joy.

And I shared the joy. It was HOT today. I sweated through my shirt ten minutes before homeroom started. The kids were lethargic and the asthmatics were suffering hard. My over-taxed box fans moved swampy foetid air around a classroom turned terrarium. They made the right call. I didn't have to face my class from hell today, and I had three hours of peace to work on my room, my posters, my grading, and my planning. Nice to leave at 2:30 and actually be kind of caught up!

Administrators came into my room during the quiet and productive morning classes today. They gave me quite positive feedback, saying they liked what I had done with the class from hell yesterday, and complimenting my content knowledge and classroom management skills. They also gave me good news: one of those last-period kids has been upgraded to another special education code which distinguishes him as potentially dangerous. I don't mean of course that it is good news that the kid is in this category, but it means he will get more appropriate services and may actually have a chance of learning something. It also means he will not set off the other troubled kids in my room every two minutes, and it will prevent him from sexually molesting the young ladies in his class, as he has done several times already.

Mr. C checked out my new command console (pictured above). I got an LCD projector and I have the Internet. I have music, I have an overhead, and I use all of them every day. I have a printer/scanner/copier. My kids are engaged with sound, color, art, and motion picture examples every day. Mr. C said "You so pimp!" He's right. Now I need real screens. I'm using the back of a world map and a sheet. Maybe on Donors Choose? For right now I'm waiting their approval of my classroom library request. As soon as it goes live I will link it here for anyone who wants to throw a couple bucks at my youngins.

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