Saturday, September 13, 2008


Sometimes the most terrible and awful things can have a peculiar beauty. I think, for example, of atomic explosions.

300 is a wretchedly bad piece of shit. I spent the better part of a year reading Herodotus in my early twenties--I don't recall Xerxes using dinosaurs and Orcs and trolls to conquer the world. Nor do I recall Spartans giving a rat's ass for "freedom." But of course this is a comic book, an alternate reality history, so all that's fine. If it's interesting. The only thing interesting about 300 was its ability to plumb new depths of silliness.

And yet 300 was entertaining now and again, and strangely lovely. Lots of really hot guys oiled up and grappling each other in slow-mo make anything worthwhile. Oh, and naked chicks too! That's really why I liked it. Yeah. Especially the red-headed oracle. Whoof.


Swanksalot said...

Laughably bad, and yet there is inexplicably a sequel already in the works. I saw it sometime last winter, but all I remember is the long, lingering shots of oiled up buff Spartans.

John Vondracek said...

what the hell is the sequel? 301?

the graphic novel was some pretty phenomenal art though...

my friend/co-worker's roommate was a pretty big lead 3D/VFX artist on the 300, so I can't trash it too much... HE sure did a good job on it!

MY only fear is that this director is the one doing the Watchmen (now currently in litigation) I hope he doesn't ruin it... 50/50 chance he does... hurry up and read the graphic novel, while you can still appreciate it untainted!

:) jv

Wareq said...

Congratulations for finally catching up with half the Internet.
Oh, and: THIS! IS! SPARTAAA!!!!